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Providing economical products is our motto, but definitely not at the cost of it's quality. Our perfumery background help us to create any kind of fragrance specifically, as per your requirements. Nature being our inspiration it become very easy to create new& original fragrances of different types. So, as long as 'Mother Nature' keeps changing & evolving, we shall keep providing you with fresh new fragrances !!

Incense sticks are a preparation of aromatic plant matter, often with the addition of essential oils extracted from plant, intended to release fragrant smoke for religious, therapeutic, or simply aesthetic purposes as it burns.

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Incense Sticks (Agarbatti) : With over 100s of Agarbatti Range  to choose from manufactured under international renown brand  names like Vasant Agarbatti & Dhoop Products, Amber Incense Sticks, Abyssinia brand Incense Sticks, and not to forget we have an special exotic South African Section to choose from.
Sital -Amber Incense Sticks Sital Brand is manufactured by  Amber Incense Sticks for your easy convenience we have divided the section to suit the taste
Fruti  Premium Spicy
Floral  Herbal  Fancy 


Vasant Agarbatti & Dhoop Products Vasant Agarbatti & Dhoop Products

Vasant Incense sticks include brands like Jeeya,Passion Scent Batti ,Pukar ,Ram Rajya ,Sanjeevini,Super Rose ,Taj Mahal,Jet Plus ,Bandhan ,License ,Tulsi ,Champa Ke Phool,Ice,Hari Milan ,Bajrang


Exotic Sout African Incense Sticks

Exotic African Incense Sticks


Dhoop Batti


Hand Crafted Wooden Agarbatti Stands


Hand Crafted Accessories


Candle Holders





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Incense World
Manufacturer & Exporters of  Incense Sticks (Agarbattis) and dhoop in India
M/s Abyssinia Impex
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