Frutti Incense Sticks

With Flora around, fruits can't be far behind! An amazing tropical range

Sital -Amber Incense Sticks


Apple - Experience the Himalayas with an intoxicating fragrance of 'APPLES' .smell your way towards good health .


Apricot- A cleanser for your skin 'APRICOT' the radiant aroma arrives to enrapture your senses.


Banana- Go bankers with this crazy aroma of Banana , swing to the tunes of tarzan and shake a leg with the apes.


Bergamot- A sweet n sour flavour of 'BERGAMOT' that adds flavour to otherwise dull atmosphere.


Chocolate- Return the age of innocence with an absolute yummy fragrance of 'CHOCOLATE'


Coconut- Relax along the seaside, feel the waves lashing . The seagulls havering above your head with the aroma of COCONUT around you.


Grapes- Catch a glimpse of the french vineyards with this heady aroma of Grapes . The perfect blend of sweet n sour.


Lemon- Simmer in titillating flavour of citrus Lime, an amazingly cool aroma that's crackling with inspiration.


Mango- Slurp n sip the rare exotic fragrance of juicy MANGO, make way for the king of tropical fruits.


Peach- Bask in the glowing sunshine PEACH fragrance, feel beautiful and young, blossom into the real you.


Pineapple- Invoking the spirit of the tropics, bringing to you the irresistible fragrance of PINEAPPLE that will leave you wanting more


Raspberry- Enjoy the timeless quality of the RASPBERRY aroma, one of the most wanted berries for ages to come!


Strawberry- Reveal in the freshness of the ripe juicy STRAWBERRIES, an aroma that will move not just taste buds!


Tangarine- Get the zing back into your life with this tangy, swet-sour aroma of Tangarine that will tingle your senses into action.


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