Fancy Incense Sticks

An exclusive list of very rare fragrance that keeps you wondering about our ingeminate

Sital -Amber Incense Sticks


Amber- Dwell in oriental Arabia with this legendary aroma and smell the sweet AMBER fragrance.

Amber's Sandal

Amber's Sandal- Wonder about the smoothness of your skin and feel it soft n silky - an illusion only the aroma of SANDAL can give you.


Erotic- Awaken your arousal and sense your sensuousness with this hot and happening EROTIC fragrance.


Frank- Be a part of the sensual Arabian Nights and experience native Africa with a combination, FRANK that's an ancient traditional perfume there.


Myrrh- Spice up your life with MYRRH, an exciting erogenous aroma, the perfect aphrodisiac for a perfect evening.


OPM- Float as a feature, experience complete relaxation with this divine fragrance of 'OPM'


Pleasure- Plung deep into the world of fun, look into the eyes of happiness and taste the sweetness of joy with this exquisite aroma of PLEASURE.


Vanilla- Float in the vast unending fields of VANILLA fragrance, feel the freedom seeping into you slowly and surely.

White Musk

White Musk- Get last into the historic woods of Indian mythology with this strong, masculine scent of 'WHITE MUSK'.


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