Floral Incense Sticks

Flowers the first thing to be associated with fragrance tops our list of all the time favorites are floral incense sticks

Sital -Amber  Floral Incense Sticks


Champa- Float true the glorious yesteryears with fragrance of 'CHAMPA' that's also known for its aromatic goodness.


Lavender- Wake up along the lush country-side and enjoy the weekend spirit with the refreshing LAVENDER aroma.


Lily- Pure and White .. light and bright .. feel all this and more with the fragrance of 'LILY'.


Lotus- Wonder at the brilliant from of India's national flower LOTUS and enjoy its beautiful fragrance .


Magnolia- Breadth divine and glow with ethereal fragrance of 'MAGNOLIA'.


Night queen - Let the night come alive as the flowers bloom, singing of your love with this exuberant fragrance of ' NIGHT QUEEN'.

Sital Jasmine

Sital Jasmine- Wake up in the midst of the traditional fragrance of ' Sital JASMINE ' to remind you of the long forgotten temples and mosques.


Super mogra- Wake up in the midst of the traditional fragrance of the 'MOGRA' to remind you of the long forgotten temples and mosques

Super roses

Super roses- Bring out he hidden love and feel the happiness seeping in, with this sweet romantic fragrance of ROSES.


Voilet- Take a deep breadth and get a whiff of the blue and white 'VIOLETS' one of the most sought after flower.


White field- Enlighten your soul with the splendid fragrance of 'WHITE FIELD' and just laze yourself to it.


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